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Talk about greed

In recent days, I have been intermittently thinking about one thing: many things around us can be metaphorically compared to touching hot charcoal with our hands, just because we like it. Of course, when it comes to this matter, we have to mention greed and desire. It is necessary for humans to have desires; desire drives human survival, it is a primal motivation. However, greed is not essential. For example, in the recent incident of the fat cat, in my opinion, the male lead fat cat appeared in this situation because of excessive greed. Greed can lead to sacrificing life to obtain something, giving a feeling of pulling the whole body with a single hair. Most of the people you meet in university social circles have desires that involve gaining some benefit from you. I do not deny that there is a certain desire in all relationships between people, because this is the most fundamental, even if you only wish for them to live well, this is also a form of desire. The relationships between close friends are more about emotional benefits rather than financial, time, or informational benefits. On the contrary, many social interactions in university focus on money, time, and information value. In my personal opinion, this is a vicious cycle. For example, the way I want others to understand me is by reading my blog posts, paying attention to what I do, chatting with me, discussing food, and so on, rather than just glancing at what I'm doing in their spare time, or monitoring me briefly for some purpose (this is probably the case with many roommates). I strongly agree with a video I watched earlier, which had a line that said: in university, when it comes to interpersonal relationships, there is only one thing to say, and that is to f*** interpersonal relationships. If someone makes you apply this line to them, then they are not worth your attachment. Undeniably, I am also a part of this vicious cycle of relationships. But I will try my best to restrain myself. I never ask others what they are doing for some ulterior motive, I know everyone should have their privacy, and I hope others treat me the same way. This is not utilitarianism, but rather the most basic form of respect in my opinion.
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