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Talk about recent events, discuss anxiety

Recently, I have been extremely busy. It seems like life in each semester speeds up after the twelfth week, which reminds me of many things. I am an INFP (at least that's what the test says) and I fully embody the characteristics of an INFP: deep thinking, anxiety, and a certain level of introversion. Regarding recent events, after finishing my information flow, which was after May 1st, I haven't read articles or written in my diary for a long time, mainly because of being busy. Of course, I feel restless when busy. I have to write three to four final papers, complete three final projects, prepare for an English presentation, and take a general education exam, all of which will happen in the coming weeks. Although I don't have to take each task seriously, they are still there and need to be done. It feels like a stone pressing on my chest, but more intangible, knowing it doesn't really exist, yet unconsciously believing so. These tasks remind me of university education, which is hard to put into words. As a student at a top university, I deeply feel the boredom and outdated nature of the courses. We learn things like: "I won't need this in the future," or "This course is not related to my major..." It's frustrating, but I have to comply. These are time-wasting tasks, wasting my precious time. I want to learn Flutter, work on projects, but I haven't been able to do them properly. Let's talk about anxiety: Why am I anxious? I often think that I'm already in the second semester of my sophomore year, almost going into my junior year. When I see others' resumes with national awards obtained in their sophomore year, I feel anxious. It seems like I don't have a noteworthy project, a report worthy of praise, or solid technical skills. These thoughts come and go in my fragmented life. When I look at my classmates in a similar state, it only adds to my anxiety. I really don't know what to complain about... It's all my fault. Before writing this diary entry, I went through three days of decision-making. I was thinking about updating my diary on Sunday, but I am only writing it now. Perhaps, this is my problem.
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